JAGUAR 980-930


When you need sophisticated engineering, dependable performance and outstanding results. When your head and your gut instinct are telling you the same thing. Then it’s time for the new JAGUAR. With its unique overall concept, a new header drive and a wide range of corncracker rollers including patented SHREDLAGE® technology, it will help you safely bring in your harvest with up to 884 hp.

CLAAS forage harvesters | JAGUAR 980-930. How you benefit.

JAGUAR 980-930 (NEW)
  • NEW: Variable front attachment drive
  • NEW: Hydraulic shear bar locking
  • NEW: Automatic drum concave adjustment
  • NEW: Differential lock
  • NEW: Double hydrostatic motor for ground drive
  • NEU: Automatic parking brake
  • NEW: Automatic engine speed reduction
  • NEW: AUTO FILL rear offloading
  • NEW: Functional design
  • Outstanding control concept with additional CEBIS features
JAGUAR 980-930 (NEW)
  1. The front attachment drive variants: standard, split-power, variable
  2. V-MAX chopping cylinder
  3. Hydraulic shear bar clamping
  4. Automatic drum concave adjustment
  1. AUTO FILL side and rear offloading
  2. Efficient ground drive with automatic parking brake
  3. Differential lock
  4. Diesel engines with up to 884 hp, Stage IV (Tier 4) emissions standard for the engines up to 626 hp, DYNAMIC POWER, DYNAMIC COOLING, CRUISE PILOT and diesel tank capacity of up to 1500 l


EngineTypeCylindersEngine output at working speed of 1800 rpm (ECE R 120)
JAGUAR 980MAND2862V12650 / 884
JAGUAR 970MAND2868V8570 / 775
JAGUAR 960Mercedes-BenzOM 473 LAS6460/626
JAGUAR 950Mercedes-BenzOM 473 LAS6430/585
JAGUAR 940Mercedes-BenzOM 471 LAS6379 / 516
JAGUAR 930Mercedes-BenzOM 471 LAS6340/462

1 As the engine output is greater than 560 kW, the JAGUAR 980 and 970 models are not subject to any emission regulations.

JAGUAR 980-930 (NEW)

NEW: Three front attachment drive variants.

  • Standard: mechanical drive with constant speed
  • Split-power drive: mechanical and hydrostatic drive for high power transmission at constant revs.
  • Variable: all-hydrostatic for variable speed
JAGUAR 980-930 (NEW)

NEW: Enhanced crop flow.

  • Hydraulic clamping system for shear bar allows quick adjustment and reliable chopping
  • Automatically adjustable drum concave for an even crop flow throughout the entire service life of the knives

NEW: AUTO FILL side and rear offloading.

  • AUTO FILL: Operator assistance system for offloading to the side
  • NEW: AUTO FILL offloading to the rear for additional reduction in operator workload when starting chopping or dividing the areas to be harvested

NEW: Running gear.

  • Two-position control of hydrostatic motor for greater pulling power and higher revs, 1st gear in field up to 22 km/h
  • Differential lock for greater traction
  • Automatic parking brake for greater convenience
  • Engine speed reduction function to save fuel when turning at the headland

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